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Hey Dr. Lauber,

I spent 8 years of fear with Genital Warts that i foolishly ignored, thinking they would one day "go away" on thier own.  Big Mistake. After finally deciding to deal with my issue i did some heavy reasearch and put my trust in the hands of Dr Lauber.  If your reading this testimonial, you have found the solution to your problem! Dr Lauber takes both a compassionate and informative approach in his treatment.  My Warts were almost painlessly removed and are healing better than i could have ever hoped for. i left his office without my genital warts and took away both peace of mind and eduaction on how to prevent going through this discouraging problem again. Dr Lauber is not only a skilled physcian specializing in Genital Wart remova,l but also takes the important step in Biopsying Warts to check for Cancer, which is a very real by-product of HPV that MUST be addressed. I cannot recommend Dr. Lauber enough, and encourage those looking for treatment to take that next step TODAY.

Please feel free to Edit and post this testimonial anyway you see fit.  I would like to try and see you again sometime this week to take care of my last Wart.  I feel like im pretty well healed up down there.  Thank you again so much and i hope you like Honey Jack Daniels lol.

Nick S


Dr. Lauber, thank you for everything. I owe you a drink! Best Wishes. Christine.



Jeff, I just wanted to thank you for "fixing me". I actually have random people complimenting me on my beautiful skin! I just signed with a management company and the first thing they commented on was my skin! I swear to God! Amy.


Dr. Lauber, thank you so much for taking care of me! It was the worst, scariest, painful poison oak ever! Hope all is well. Love, Deb.


Dear Dr. Lauber, thank you so much for your help. It's so nice to not feel pain! Sincerely Debbie.

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